Design of Urban Stormwater Controls

WEF Press

McGraw Hill, New York, NY
2012, Hard Cover, Pg. xlix, 705
19 x 24 cm, A co publication of WEF Press, Water Environment Federation, and Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE; McGrow ISBN: 978-0-07-170444-2

Manual of Practice No.: 87

Out of Print: Not available at ASCE Bookstore.

Document Type: Book - Manual of Practice


Fully updated to address the paradigm shift in the way stormwater is viewed and managed, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls focuses on consolidating technologies to foster a convergence between traditional stormwater controls and green infrastructure. This authoritative resource explains how systems of stormwater controls can be designed to meet multidisciplinary objectives, including flood control; stream channel protection; groundwater recharge; water quality improvement; protection of public safety, health, and welfare; and multipurpose public benefits. Coverage includes: urban stormwater management overview; effects of stormwater on receiving waters; performance goals for stormwater controls; unit processes and operations for stormwater control; selection criteria and design considerations; swales and strips; Basins; filters and infiltrators; gross pollutant traps and mechanical operations; maintenance of stormwater controls; whole life cost of stormwater controls; Performance assessment; and analytical tools for simulation of stormwater controls.

Subject Headings: Stormwater management | Public health and safety | Urban and regional development | Water quality | Stream channels | Recharge basins | Groundwater quality


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