Calendar: A 1986 Calendar Illustrating the Statue of Liberty: An International Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY

Document Type: Misc.


Illustrations include: Castle Garden, NY 1892; Construction of the Head; Presentation of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, 1988 / The Eiffel Tower; The Foundation; Gustave Eiffel.s Support Structure on the Pedestal; The Statue Takes Shape in Paris / Progress of the Work in New York; The Statue Nears Completion / Interior of the Head; Liberty Enlightening the World, 1983 / The Torch of the Statue; Computer Generated Drawing of Skin and Interior Support Structure; The Torch Above the Scaffolding; The Statue Surrounding by Scaffolding / The Face from the Scaffolding 1984-85; The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island

Subject Headings: Civil engineering landmarks | Falsework and scaffolds | Support structures | Islands | Historic sites | Historic buildings | Foundation construction


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