Natural Hazards Review

Vilas Mujumdar,
Kathleen Tierney,
James E. Beavers,
Dennis S. Mileti,
American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA

Abstract: The Natural Hazards Review stands on the realization that natural disaster losses result from interactions between the physical world, the constructed environment, and the character of the societies and people who occupy them. The journal is dedicated to bringing together the physical, social, and behavioral sciences; engineering; and the regulatory and policy environments to provide a forum for cutting edge, holistic, and cross-disciplinary approaches to natural hazards loss and cost reduction. The journal offers a means for researchers and practitioners working together to publish the results of truly interdisciplinary and partnered approaches to loss reduction and long-term disaster resiliency. Engineering topics covered include the characterization of hazard forces and the planning, design, construction, maintenance, performance, and use of structures in the physical environment. Social and behavioral sciences topics addressed include a range of issues related to hazard mitigation and human response as well as significant issues related to the built environment such as land use, building standards, and the role of financial markets and insurance. The specific physical science topics covered include those pertinent to understanding the hazardous character of the world and the performance of the structures that we build to accommodate our way of life. More importantly, the journal features papers co-authored by people from a variety of specializations who bring a cross-disciplinary perspective to the complex factors that contribute to disasters in today's -- and especially tomorrow's -- world.

Subject Headings: Natural disasters | Disasters and hazards | Structural reliability | Social factors | Human and behavioral factors | Buildings | Structural engineering


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