Journal of Professional Practice

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY

Abstract: The Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice presents issues of broad professional interest and diverse views of engineering education, legal affairs, and professional practice. Papers examine the relationships between civil engineering and other disciplines and professions, with emphasis on the engineer's and constructor's obligations and responsibilities and resolution of disputes. Topics include engineering education at all levels, professional practice issues, ethics, and history and heritage. The legal affairs section presents articles on law related to, but not limited to, the following areas pertaining to civil engineering: contract law and interpretation; professional responsibility and negligence; bidding law; negotiation, mediation, and alternate dispute resolution; arbitration; torts and insurance law; environmental law; environmental compliance; hazardous waste law; coastal and ocean law; real estate development and construction law; product liability laws; labor law; employment law; administrative law; government contract law; company reorganization and bankruptcy; corporation law; corporation tax law; subcontracting laws; claims analysis and presentations in all areas of civil engineering; land-use law related to getting projects designed and approved; ADA law and regulations; synopses/snippets of court verdicts; reviews of books related to construction law; and forum viewpoint articles.

Subject Headings: Laws | Engineering education | Ocean engineering | Engineering firms | Environmental issues | Professional practice | Construction wastes | Construction companies


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