Structures Congress 2006: Structural Engineering and Public Safety

by Brad Cross,
John Finke,

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA
978-0-7844-0791-2 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0791-6 (ISBN-10), 2006, CD/DVD

Conference information: 2006 Structures Congress | St. Louis, Missouri, United States | May 18-21, 2006

Out of Print: Not available at ASCE Bookstore.

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


Structures Congress 2006 highlights research in the broad areas of applied structural analysis, optimal structural design, structural control, and emergent computing technology. These proceedings contain 218 papers presented at the 2006 Structures Congress: Structural Engineering and Public Safety and 44 papers from the 17th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference held in conjunction with each other in St. Louis, Missouri from May 18-21, 2006. The conference was spilt into two sections, the first sections topics include: Sensing Technologies for Next-Generation Smart Infrastructure; Hybrid Simulation: Testing and Verification of Real-Time Control Systems; Applications of Advanced Analysis Technologies ? State of the Practice; Computational Failure Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures; Computational Modeling and Simulation for Earthquake Engineering; Bridge Structures; Concrete Behavior Models ? Applied Analysis; Soil Structure Interaction ? Applied Analysis. The topics for the second section include: Life-Cycle Design and Management of Infrastructure; Structural Design and Optimization for Practicing Engineers; Steel Structural Components and Systems; Innovative Computational Methods

Subject Headings: Structural analysis | Structural safety | Failure analysis | Structural engineering | Soil analysis | Computer models | Structural behavior


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