Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis

by Yeou-Koung Tung, Ph.D., Dept. of Civil Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,
Ben-Chie Yen, Late Professor; Dept. of Civil Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA, | Co-publisher: McGraw-Hill; McGraw-Hill Construction, McGraw-Hill Civil Engineering Series (McGraw Hill ISBN# 0-07-145159-5)
2006, Soft Cover, Pg. 273

Document Type: Book


Focusing on issues of civic interest, this comprehensive practice manual teaches the application of uncertainty analysis for more sustainable hydrosystem design and management. Created by internationally respected authorities, Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis deals with the uncertainties inherent in engineering projects such as dams, levees, and storm sewer systems. Going beyond unpredictability in geophysical processes such as extreme rainfalls and floods, Drs. Tung and Yen address uncertainties arising from imperfect models, imprecise parameters, data errors, and other sources. The authors call on work in uncertainty analysis from the past two decades to provide and illustrate mathematical tools of varying sophistication available for quantifying the integrated effect of different uncertainties and making the uncertain more knowable. This handbook is the only volume that: brings together in a single resource all mathematical uncertainty analysis methods relevant to hydrosystem risk and reliability issues; demonstrates uses and limitations of uncertainty analysis in the broadcast possible range of hydrosystem engineering problems; provides the tools needed to better protect systems, citizens, and the environment against failure in critical hydrosystems projects; shows engineers and students how to perform expert uncertainty analysis for reliability assessments and risk-based design; and offers examples of each application. Contents include: Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics Relevant to Uncertainty Analysis; Regression Analysis; Uncertainty Analysis by Analytical Methods; Uncertainty Analysis by Approximated Methods; and Monte-Carlo Simulation.

Subject Headings: Uncertainty principles | Risk management | Regression analysis | Failure analysis | Systems engineering | System reliability | Project management


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