Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Operation in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water Environment Federation

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA, | Co-publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional and Water Environment Federation (McGraw-Hill ISBN: 0-0714-6415-8)
978-0-7844-1145-2 (ISBN-13) | 2006, Soft Cover, Pg. 597

Manual of Practice No.: 109

Document Type: Book - Manual of Practice


Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Operation Wastewater Treatment Plants instructs readers in the theory, equipment, and practical techniques needed to optimize BNR in varied environments, from plants larger than 380 000 m3/d (100 mgd) to plants smaller than 380 m3/d (100 000 gpd), anywhere in the world. The most up-to-date and comprehensive guide ever written on achieving higher standards of water quality through biological nutrient removal, this expert-authored text links practical BNR to all phases of wastewater treatment, covering system design, equipment choices, configuring equipment and processes, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Contents include: Overall Process Considerations; Nitrification and Denitrification; Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal; Combined Nutrient Removal Systems; Models for Nutrient Removal; Sludge Bulking and Foaming; Chemical Addition and Chemical Feed Control; Sludge Fermentation; Solids Handling and Processing; Laboratory Analyses; Optimization and Troubleshooting Techniques; and Instrumentation and Automated Process Control. Written by industry experts for industry professionals, this complete guide to biological nutrient removal (BNR) provides up-to-date information on plant design and operation for managers, operators, consultants, and those training in wastewater engineering.

Subject Headings: Biological processes | Wastewater treatment plants | Chemical processes | Industrial wastes | Equipment and machinery | Water treatment | Water quality


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