Geo-Frontiers 2005

by Ellen M. Rathje, P.E., Ph.D.,

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA
978-0-7844-0769-1 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0769-X (ISBN-10), 2005, CD/DVD
Geotechnical Special Publications 130-142 & GRI-18;
Conference information: Geo-Frontiers Congress 2005 | Austin, Texas, United States | January 24-26, 2005

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


These Proceedings showcase recent advancements in all facets of the geo-industry. Geo-Frontiers was conceived to present the frontier of civil, geotechnical, and geoenvironmental engineering. For the first time, three key events were scheduled under one tent to expose each attendee to the ASCE Geo-Institute Congress 2005, the GMA Geosynthetics 2005 Conference and the 18th Annual GRI Conference. Geo-Frontiers brought together practitioners, designers, manufacturers, contractors, researchers, and students from these and related events representing the interconnected geo-industry. The technical program for Geo-Frontiers was developed based on solicitation of proposals for technical session topics. From these proposals, sixty sessions were chosen and organized into ten tracks: (1) Advances in Pavement Engineering, (2) Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics, (3) Erosion Control, (4) Foundation Engineering, (5) GRI Annual Conference, (6) Professional Issues, (7) Site Characterization and Modeling, (8) Slopes, Soil Reinforcement, and Retaining Structures, (9) Soil Improvement and Grouting, and (10) Waste Containment and Remediation. The technical sessions included panel discussions, oral presentations, and poster presentations. Nearly 400 papers were submitted to the various sessions and tracks, and these papers were organized into fourteen individual volumes based loosely on the track topics. The fourteen volumes contained on this CD are: .Advances in Deep Foundations; .Advances in Pavement Engineering; Calibration of Constitutive Models; Contemporary Issues in Foundation Engineering; Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics; .Erosion of Soils and Scour of Foundations; GRI - 18 Geosynthetics Research and Development in Progress; Innovations in Grouting and Soil Improvement; International Perspectives on Soil Reinforcement Applications; Legal and Liability Issues in Geotechnical Engineering; Site Characterization and Modeling; Slopes and Retaining Structures under Seismic and Static Conditions; Soil Dynamics Symposium in Honor of Richard D. Woods; and Waste Containment and Remediation.

Subject Headings: Soil stabilization | Soil grouting | Soil dynamics | Structural engineering | Earthquake engineering | Soil properties | Retaining structures


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