Private Practice of Civil Engineering

Committee on Professional Practice of ASCE

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
1959, Soft Cover, Pg. 34

Manual of Practice No.: 38

Out of Print: Not available at ASCE Bookstore.

Document Type: Book - Manual of Practice


This manual, Private Practice of Civil Engineering: For the Use of Engineers and Clients, presents methods in current use throughout the United States for the determination of fair fees to be paid to the professional engineer who faithfully discharges his/her responsibilities to his clients. Its goal is to provide the information necessary to safeguard the interests of the client and the engineer, and to indicate methods by which the client and the engineer can reach a mutually satisfactory contractual arrangement. Topics covered in this manual include contracts for engineering service, engineering reports and special services, bases for making charges, the engineer's overhead expenses, re-use of plans, a method for estimating fees for professional civil engineering services, engineering fees for repetitive structures, the total cost of a project, and suggested fees for professional engineering services on freeway projects.

Subject Headings: Private sector | Structural engineering | Professional services | Fees | Client relationships | Professional practice | Engineering profession | Project management | United States


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