Cementitious Materials�Nine Millennia and A New Century: Past, Present, and Future

by Arnon Bentur,

Part of: Perspectives in Civil Engineering: Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the American Society of Civil Engineers


Cementitious materials have been used in construction for several millennia and through several civilizations. Their use has been revitalized in the recent century, and they have become the major construction material for housing and infrastructure. The amalgamation of the science and engineering of these materials in recent decades has advanced the state of the art in their understanding and development. In a new century where sustainable construction is becoming an overriding consideration, the new scientific concepts can have direct impact on the way we use and formulate cementitious materials. On top of this, the scientific advances have provided the means for the potential use of the current portland cement as a platform to develop composite formulations of a high level of performance equivalent to and in some respects exceeding those of steel and ceramics. This may provide the basis for advanced and efficient construction techniques. The present article reviews the past, present, and future of cementitious materials and highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to maximmize the advantages of the newly emerging cementitious materials and concretes.

Subject Headings: Construction materials | Cement | Infrastructure construction | Residential construction | Sustainable development | Materials engineering | Reviews


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