Role of ASCE in the Advancement of Computing in Civil Engineering

by Steven J. Fenves, (Hon.M.ASCE),
William J. Rasdorf, P.E., (F.ASCE),

Part of: Perspectives in Civil Engineering: Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the American Society of Civil Engineers


Computing has emerged as a major focus area in civil engineering, just as it has in other disciplines. This paper examines the role of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in the advancement and development of this focus on computing in civil engineering. The paper documents the technical activities of ASCE that contributed to this evolution, particularly the committees of the Structural Division (now the Structural Engineering Institute) and the Technical Council on Computer Practices (now the Technical Council on Computing and Information Technology). Emphasis is placed on the initial activities and the current status of each group. A broad survey of ASCE activities that contribute to the dissemination of information on computing in civil engineering is presented. The role of ASCE publications in this effort is examined. The ASCE conferences and congress on computing are documented and evaluated. Finally, observations are made about the society's overall impact on computing in civil engineering.

Subject Headings: Computing in civil engineering | Professional societies | Structural engineering | Publications | Information Technology (IT)


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