Coastal Dynamics '97

by Edward B. Thornton, Naval Postgraduate School, Dept. of Oceanography, Monterey, CA 93943-5100,

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA
978-0-7844-0321-1 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0321-X (ISBN-10), 1998, Soft Cover, Pg. xii, 1070
22 cm
Conference information: Conference Third Coastal Dynamics Conference | Plymouth, U.K. | June 1997

Out of Print: Not available at ASCE Bookstore.

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


This proceedings, Coastal Dynamics '97, consists of papers presented at the third Coastal Dynamics Conference held in Plymouth, U.K., June 1997. The Coastal Dynamics Conferences provide a forum for researchers involved in the study of beach and nearshore dynamics. While the focus of these Conferences is relatively narrow, dealing primarily with natural beach and nearshore environments and only with man-made structures to the extent that they influence the neighboring environment, the range of topics available for study is great. Some of the areas covered in this proceedings are: 1) sand suspension; 2) wave propagation in shallow water; 3) boundary layers and mixing 4) sediment transport predictors; 5) breaking waves; 6) wave-current interaction; 7) beach profiles; 8) rip currents; 9) effects of coastal structures; and 10) wave-induced circulation.

Subject Headings: Breaking waves | Wave propagation | Water circulation | Suspended structures | Soil mixing | Sediment transport | Sand waves


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