Traffic Congestion and Traffic Safety in the 21st Century: Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities

by Rahim F. (Ray) Benekohal, Dept. of Civ. Engrg., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-7844-0243-6 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0243-4 (ISBN-10), 1997, Soft Cover, Pg. xx, 639
22 cm
Conference information: A Conference | Chicago, Illinois, United States | June 8-11, 1997

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


This proceedings, Traffic Congestion and Traffic Safety in the 21st Century: Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities, contains papers presented at the conference held in Chicago, Illinois on June 8-11, 1997 and sponsored by the Urban Transportation Division and the Highway Division, ASCE. The book contains about 90 papers covering traffic congestion and traffic safety issues. The major topics included are: 1) Traffic congestion; 2) traffic safety trends and measure; 3) application of advanced technologies in traffic management; 4) real-time traffic control in advanced traffic management systems and intelligent transportation systems; 5) traffic calming and neighborhood traffic control; 6) incident detection and management; 7) pedestrian and bicycle facilities design and operation; 8) traffic simulation models; 9) advanced traveler information systems; 10) highway capacity analysis; 11) accident prediction models; 12) work zone congestion management; 13) transit planning and operation in congestion; 14) traffic flow theory and models; 15) access management, and 16) traffic signals. Also, traffic information available on the Internet; the role of technology in reducing congestion; and international perspectives on transportation problems are presented.

Subject Headings: Traffic congestion | Traffic safety | Intelligent transportation systems | Traffic models | Traffic accidents | Traffic signals | Traffic capacity


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