Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs) in Subsurface Environment: Assessment and Remediation

by Lakshmi N. Reddi,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-7844-0203-0 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0203-5 (ISBN-10), 1996, Soft Cover, Pg. viii, 852
22 cm
Conference information: A Specialty Conference IN conjunction with the ASCE National Convention | Washington, D.C., United States | November 10-14, 1996

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


The growing number of incidents of soil and groundwater contamination with non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) has caught the nation unprepared. A number of challenges confronted the three agencies involved (government, academic research community, and private industry). The urgency of clean-up necessitated that they progress swiftly in several directions: 1) assessment and characterization of NAPL-contaminated sites, 2) assessment and management of the risks involved, 3) development of remediation technologies which are both technically and economically feasible, and 4) development of concepts involved in fate and transport of the NAPLs in their various forms in the subsurface. While the past decade has seen considerable progress in all these areas, a synthesis of the developments made in various disciplines and the progress achieved in the three sectors is essential to progress further in this important area. This was the intended purpose of the NAPLs conference. Specific topic areas covered in this proceedings are: 1) Site assessment and characterization; 2) remediation technologies; and 3) analysis and modeling of fate and transport. In addition case studies of some NAPL sites are recounted.

Subject Headings: Nonaqueous phase liquids | Mitigation and remediation | Groundwater pollution | Soil pollution | Site investigation | Risk management | Case studies


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