Production of Nitrous Oxide Gas under Sequencing Batch Reactor System

by Cheng-Nan Chang,
Jih-Gaw Lin,
Jin-Yuan Chen,
Fong-Bing Hsu,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: North American Water and Environment Congress & Destructive Water


N2O, like CO2, H2O, and CH6, will causes green house effect. This study utilized synthetic wastewater to closed sequencing batch reactor (SBR) to examine the detail N2O released mechanisms in each stage of the overall reaction. Manual operated SBR reactor connected with on-line p11, DO and ORP sensors to collect operation parameters. FIM was controlled between 0.11 to 0.44 /Kg-MLSS*d. Since the overall reaction included aerobic and anaerobic stages, ORP was used as one of the monitor and control parameters throughout this study. The higher F/M loading, the higher COD, ammonia removal, nitrification rate (KN), denitrification rate(KDN) and N2O turnover rate can be obtained. Denitrification reaction released five times the amount of N2O than that from nitrification reaction.

Subject Headings: Water pollution | Wastewater management | Denitrification | Air pollution | Water treatment | Parameters (statistics) | Waste treatment

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