Northridge Earthquake: Lifeline Performance and Post-Earthquake Response

by Anshel J. Schiff, Los Altos Hills, CA,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-7844-0106-4 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0106-3 (ISBN-10), 1995, Soft Cover, Pg. ix, 339
22 cm
Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE) Monograph 8
Out of Print: Not available at ASCE Bookstore.

Document Type: Book


This monograph describes the earthquake performance, emergency response, and recovery for the following lifeline systems: electric power, water, wastewater communications, roads and bridges, railroads, ports, airports, gas, and liquid fuels. In addition, the impact of lifeline disruption on emergency response capabilities of hospitals and fire suppression elements of the emergency response community are discussed. For each lifeline, damage, emergency response methods used to cope with damage and disruption, and the restoration and recovery processes are described. Implemented and proposed changes in equipment and facility design specifications, operating procedures, and emergency response plans are also explained. Each section summarizes the lessons learned, makes recommendations to improve system earthquake response, and identifies needed research.

Subject Headings: Emergency management | Lifeline systems | Earthquakes | Railroad bridges | Hydro power | Electrical systems | Electric power


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