Coastal Dynamics `94

by A. S.-Arcilla, Maritime Engrg. Lab., Catalunya Univ. of Tech., Gran Capita, Barcelona, Spain,
Steve J. F. Marcel, Universidad Polit?cnica de Catalu?a, U.P.C Campus Nord, Barcelona, Spain,
Nicholas C. Kraus, Dir.; Conrad Blucher Inst. for Surveying and Science, Texas A & M Univ.-Corpus Christi, Corpus, Christi, TX.,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-7844-0043-2 (ISBN-13) | 0-7844-0043-1 (ISBN-10), 1994, Soft Cover, Pg. iv, 983
22 cm
Conference information: International Conference on the Role of the Large Scale Experiments in Coastal Research | Barcelona, Spain | February 21-25, 1994

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


During the past decade, numerical models of coastal dynamics have provided far more information than could be validated with field and laboratory measurements. Lack of data has restricted advances in predictive capability of many such models. This situation has begun to change because of the growing number of large-scale measurement campaigns ranging from laboratory and field experiments carried out in the United States to the laboratory tests performed in many European laboratories in the context of the European Community (EC) Large Installations Plan (LIP). Because of the wealth of experimental information that has become available a conference on coastal dynamics was organized to bring together the producers and consumers of these data sets. This proceedings, Coastal Dynamics ' 94: Proceedings of an International Conference on the Role of the Large Scale Experiments in Coastal Research, contains the papers given at this conference organized under 14 different categories: 1) Bar dynamics; 2) field data and modeling; 3) sea-estuary interaction; 4) SUPERTANK; 5) surf zone hydrodynamics; 6) dynamics of shore nourishment and natural beaches; 7) aeolina sediment transport; 8) Delta flume; 9) waves near structures; 10) surf zone sediment and bed dynamics; 11) wave nonlinearities; 12) new facilities; 13) sea-bed dynamics; and 14) morphodynamics near structures. Engineers interested in the modeling of coastal dynamics will find this proceedings a useful collection of information on field and laboratory tests from the standpoint of the underlying dynamics.

Subject Headings: Structural dynamics | Field tests | Surf zones | Sediment transport | Numerical models | Nonlinear waves | Laboratory tests


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