In Situ Treatment of VOCs by Recirculation Technologies

by O. F. Webb, Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Oak Ridge, United States,
R. L. Siegrist, Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Oak Ridge, United States,
M. R. Ally, Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Oak Ridge, United States,
W. E. Sanford, Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Oak Ridge, United States,
P. M. Kearl, Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Oak Ridge, United States,
J. L. Zutman, Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Oak Ridge, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Critical Issues in Water and Wastewater Treatment


Confronted with contaminated land from the world wars and the postwar industrialization period, German researchers and practicing professionals have worked to develop processes for effective environmental restoration. This presentation documents efforts by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers to (1) identify collaborators and German technologies exhibiting near-term potential for clean-up of volatile organic contaminated soil and groundwater at Department of Energy sites, (2) critically assess performance, and (3) inform interested agencies. The project was limited to identification and preliminary evaluation and included engineering computations, groundwater flow modeling, and treatment process modeling. Two processes were identified: (1) the vacuum vaporizer well/groundwater recirculation well (German: Unterdruck-Verdampfer-Brunnen/Grundwasser-Zirkulations-Brunnen, or UVB/GZB) and (2) the porous pipe/horizontal well (PP/HW). Both technologies induce a recirculation flow field in the aquifer and enable simultaneous down hole treatment of the aquifer and vadose zone. University of Karlsrue (Germany) researchers have demonstrated the UVB/GZB technology in shallow aquifers with moderately high saturated thickness and hydraulic conductivities. The PP/HW technology offers potential for VOC treatment in sites with thin acquifers or heterogeneities. This paper describes identified German technologies and includes critical evaluations of well performance, associated treatment processes, operating variables, and aquifer-well interactions.

Subject Headings: Soil pollution | Groundwater flow | Soil treatment | Groundwater pollution | Water treatment | Wells (water) | Soil-pipe interaction

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