Soil-Structure Interaction During Mining Induced Ground Movements

by Guoming Lin, (M.ASCE), S&ME, Inc, Savannah, United States,
Eric C. Drumm, (M.ASCE), S&ME, Inc, Savannah, United States,
Richard M. Bennett, (M.ASCE), S&ME, Inc, Savannah, United States,
Larry Powell, S&ME, Inc, Savannah, United States,
Ted Triplett, S&ME, Inc, Savannah, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Vertical and Horizontal Deformations of Foundations and Embankments


Mining induced subsidence can result in significant ground deformation, which is generally non-uniform. Although this deformation occurs slowly with small inertial forces, it often results in substantial damage to residential and light commercial structures. To observe the response of residential foundations due to subsidence deformations, a series of instrumented test foundations was constructed over a longwall coal panel in southern Illinois. The response of both the free-field ground away from the structures, as well as the footings and masonry walls, was monitored prior to, during, and after the passing of the subsidence wave. Overall, the foundations settled nearly 1.5 m, most of which occurred during a 2 week period. For a given specific free-field location, the surface deformed in a cyclic manner, with an initial tensile phase, followed by a compressive phase, and a return to a near zero strain state as the wave passed by. However, the structure experienced a period of tension, followed by a period of compression, and was left in a state of residual tension. Measured horizontal strains in the footing were significantly smaller than those recorded in the free-field ground. This difference in deformation history implies that soil structure interaction effects are present, and suggests the inelastic response of the soil during the cyclic loading affects the structural response.

Subject Headings: Soil-structure interaction | Soil deformation | Soil structures | Compacted soils | Soil stress | Land subsidence | Foundation settlement | Illinois | United States

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