Study of Interaction Between Pneumatic Spherical and Cylindrical Form Shells Subjected to Wind Pressure

by D. Beilin, TECHNION - Israel Inst of Technology, Haifa, Israel,
V. Polyakov, TECHNION - Israel Inst of Technology, Haifa, Israel,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Spatial, Lattice and Tension Structures


In the design of pneumatic membrane structures, analysis of stress and deformations of structures subjected to wind is among the most important requirements. For the purpose of studying the wind pressure distribution and shell shape alteration under nondisturbance air flow, wind tunnel tests were performed. The large-scale air supported shell models with truncated spherical and air inflated model with semi-cylindrical model forms were tested. The tests were carried out in the super critical streamline area (Re = 106 - 107) corresponding to the auto model process. In the course of the experiment the distribution of wind pressure through shell surface, aerodynamic performances, changes of inside surplus pressure and displacements of the shell surface points were studied. The paths and magnitudes of the principal tension stresses, 'critical' inner pressure giving rise to unidirectional areas of stress state and the boundaries of this areas were established. Based on results of experimental investigations practical method of the soft shell stress-strain estimation are proposed.

Subject Headings: Wind pressure | Shell structures | Pressure distribution | Stress strain relations | Wind tunnel | Structural analysis | Stress analysis

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