Debris Flow Initiation and Termination in a Gully

by Tamotsu Takahashi, Kyoto Univ, Kyoto, Japan,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Hydraulic Engineering


A comprehensive simulation model predicting the debris-flow discharge hydrograph, solids concentration in it and the process of variation of the channel due to vertical as well as lateral erosion or deposition was formulated and then verified by flume experiments. This model is applicable to developing processes of both the erosion type debris-flow and the majority of natural dam failure type debris-flow and to the deposition process of the stony type debris flow regardless the cause of it generation. In this model the solids composition in the flow entrained from the bed is divided into two categories; the fine fraction that is suspended in the fluid and thereby effective to increase the competence to transport coarse particles, and the coarse fraction that is sustained in the flow of the effect of particle collisions. A criterion for dividing those fractions is given but further research is needed for the case of well graded materials. Determination of the appropriate values of many of model's parameters require further investigation.

Subject Headings: Solids flow | Debris | Simulation models | Sediment transport | Piping erosion | Fluid flow | Equations of motion

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