Mass Transport in Mud Layer Induced by Wave Action

by Ismael Piedra Cueva, Inst of Fluid Mechanics and Env, Engineering, Montevideo, Uruguay,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Hydraulic Engineering


This paper analyzes the mass transport velocity in a two layers system produced by wave action. In a previous paper, Piedra Cueva (1933), a theory for linear water waves propagating in a two layered viscoelastic fluid system was described. The mass transport in the mud layer and in the water boundary layer is obtained solving the momentum and mass conservation equations in the Lagrangian coordinate system. It was found that the Eulerian coordinate system is not appropriate because it does not guarantee the continuity of the mass transport velocity through the water-mud interface. The results show that the mass transport velocity can be increased one order of magnitude in relation to the velocity given by the rigid bed theory and can be opposite to the wave propagation direction, depending on the physical mud properties. This result is very important when considering near bed sediment transport.

Subject Headings: Water waves | Mass transport | Wave velocity | Sediment transport | Wave propagation | Water conservation | Wave action

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