The Computer-Assisted Design of Multi-Ponds in Series for Stormwater Management

by Yuan Cheng, Benatec Associates, Inc, Camp Hill, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering Hydrology


When a site's topography prohibits the installation of a single stormwater management pond, the drainage system can be integrated with multi-ponds in series. A computer program written in BASIC language can assist the pond design by simulating the runoff routing through the sequential ponds. The discharge outlet of each pond is submerged by the adjacent downstream pond. The transient change of water level at any pond's outlet will affect the discharge of the pond immediately upstream. Based on the mass conservation theory and the water head difference between ponds, the hydraulic equation is derived in a type of non-linear first-order differential equation. A numerical test to solve the differential equation has been done by using RUNGE-KUTTA's and EULER's explicit finite difference method. Results of the test indicate that the RUNGE-KUTTA method is better than the EULER method. The flow routing, therefore, has been modeled by using the RUNGE-KUTTA method. The computed outflow hydrograph of a 3-pond system is presented. The numerical accuracy and stability of the computational results are discussed and concluded.

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