Modeling Contaminant Migration from an Unlined Pond

by Husheng Feng, Bechtel Corp, San Francisco, United States,
Abdulhamid Ghazali, Bechtel Corp, San Francisco, United States,
Michael Sholley, Bechtel Corp, San Francisco, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering Hydrology


A hybrid one-dimensional (1-D) vertical model coupled with a two-dimensional (2-D) aquifer model was applied to study the fate and transport of arsenic, fluoride, and orthophosphate resulting from percolation of waste water from an unlined pond. The 1-D vertical model simulates the downward transport of pond contaminants through the vadose zone and through underlying confining layer. The 2-D aquifer model simulates the horizontal migration of contaminants in the semi-confined aquifer as a result of pond percolation. The hydrogeological models were implemented numerically using measured soil and aquifer properties, pond percolation rate, and soil and water solute concentrations. Satisfactory model calibration and the 70-year predictive simulations demonstrate the significant impact of layered soil profile and confining layer on the flow and transport of pond contaminants.

Subject Headings: Two-dimensional models | Contaminant transport | Ponds | Computer models | Simulation models | Percolation | Numerical models | Pollutants

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