Technogenic Pollution of the Caucasian Black Sea Coastal Zone and Specific Features of Self-Purification

by Kazimeras M. Shimkus, Russian Acad of Sciences, Russia,
Alexander V. Komarov, Russian Acad of Sciences, Russia,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Coastlines of the Black Sea


Within the scope of ecological monitoring in 1989-1991 pollution of river and sea water and bottom sediments with oil products (OP, poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), pesticides (PC), toxic heavy metals (HM) and radionuclides (RN) has been studied. Water basin, especially corners of Novorossiysk and Gekebdzhik Bays are polluted by OP, concentrations of P and HM are also elevated. The latter demonstrate seasonal fluctuations, increasing in spring and summer due to intensive agro-chemical activity. In the open sea the spatial distribution of pollutants in water column and bottom, sediments is of complex nature because of irregular supply of pollutants form the watershed and peculiar hydrodynamics of the coastal waters. There are some areas of dangerous concentrations of pollutants in this region. Though pollutants are being actively removed, from the coastal zone together with sedimentary matter, self-purification of the coastal zone is incomplete which results in ecosystem degradation.

Subject Headings: Sediment | Pollution | Seas and oceans | Coastal environment | Hydrocarbons | Spatial distribution | Water supply | Sea water | Black Sea

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