An Advanced Photogrammetric System as a Metric Information Collection Tool in Coastal Management

by Roop C. Malhotra, NOAA, Rockville, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Coastal Zone '93


The advanced photogrammetric information collection system described in this paper consists of two subsystems: the data acquisition or the photographic subsystem, and the date mensuration and reduction or the photogrammetric subsystem. The subsystems are well tested and are a by product of state of the art technologies in computer sciences, satellite surveying, and photogrammetry. The photographic subsystem uses the most modern aerial camera, a sophisticated camera calibration procedure, and the Global Positioning System (GPS). The photogrammetric subsystem consists of a precision analytical photogrammetric stereoplotter, employing software based on sound mathematical and photogrammetric principles, computer graphics, and relational data base management technologies. Significant details of the system and its subsystems are given in the paper. The system is a result of the developmental work done since 1984 at the Nautical Charting Division (NCD) of the National Ocean Service (NOS) for the enhancement and modernization of its coastal mapping capabilities. The advanced photogrammetric system for metric information collection has proven to be economical, efficient, and accurate for the primary application of coastal mapping at the NOS. It can very well be used in various applications such as, damage assessment due to natural disaster, coastline change detection, and monitoring coastal dynamics over a period of time. The spatially referenced metric information is in digital form and can be stored in any Geographic Information System (GIS) to be utilized in many other applications.

Subject Headings: Metric systems | Photogrammetry | Data collection | Information management | Coastal management | Geographic information systems | Global positioning systems | Information systems

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