A Current Review of Experience with Asphaltic Concrete Impervious Membranes on the Upstream Slope of Earth and Rockfill Dams

by James L. Sherard, Woodward-Clyde-Sherard and, Associates,

Part of: Embankment Dams: James L. Sherard Contributions


At some sites where an earth or earth-rock dam is being considered, studies may indicate that the most economical and satisfactory dam would be obtained with a pervious embankment of soil or rock or an embankment of doubtful permeability and an impervious membrane of manufactured material on the upstream slope as the water barrier. Membranes from manufactured material have been constructed satisfactorily with reinforced concrete, asphaltic concrete and plate steel. When considering the use of any type of membrane for an embankment dam, the designer looks to past experience with similar structures as a starting point and a guide for his efforts. This paper summarizes the results of the author's attempts, as part of his practice, to learn as much as possible about this subject.

Subject Headings: Concrete dams | Rockfill dams | Asphalt concrete | Embankment dams | Earthfill dams | Membranes | Rock fills | Rivers and streams


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