A Modified Adjoint Method for Inverse Eddy Viscosity Estimation for Use in Coastal Circulation Models

by John E. Richardson, Dep of Civil Engineering, Orono, United States,
Vijay G. Panchang, Dep of Civil Engineering, Orono, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Estuarine and Coastal Modeling


The adjoint method is used to develop an objective analysis technique for estimating the vertical eddy viscosity used in three dimensional oceanic models. A cost functional which consists of two terms is formulated. The first term describes the difference, or lack of fit, between model results and available data. The second term measures the variance of the eddy viscosity with depth. Formulation of the cost functional is complete after coefficients (weights) are introduced to vary the relative influence of each of the terms. The optimized eddy viscosity estimate is obtained by minimizing the value of this functional. Results demonstrate the algorithm's ability to produce valid solutions to the posed problem. The smoothing term provides stability by limiting the change of the eddy viscosity in the vertical, and computer requirements are reduced with use of a Vertical Horizontal Splitting routine.

Subject Headings: Eddy (fluid dynamics) | Viscosity | Coastal environment | Water circulation | Three-dimensional analysis | Three-dimensional models | Seas and oceans | Computer models

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