EVA Operational Guidelines and Considerations for Use During the Space Station Freedom Design Review Process

by Robert Trevino, NASA/Johnson Space Cent, Houston, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space III


The Space Station Freedom Program (SSFP) has started to conduct many design reviews (DR's) of its elements, systems, and subsystems. These varied systems cross work packages (WP's), international partners (IP's), and NASA centers, each having its own design approach for assembly, on-orbit maintenance and repair (M and R), and orbital replacement unit (ORU) changeout. Early involvement of astronauts and EVA operations engineers in this design review phase and flight planning phase can contribute to the overall success of the SSP EVA missions. It is essential that EVA operations personnel participate as early as possible in the SSEP DR's. They should provide EVA inputs based on experience, current orbiter and SSFP interfaces, constraints, and knowledge of SSFP EVA design requirements. The SSFP is developing new robotic standards that must also be considered. This paper is intended to complement existing NASA and SSFP EVA/robotics documents. Emphasis is placed on the EVA operational guidelines and considerations that work in concert with the existing hardware and SSFP requirements. The purpose of this paper is to present the thought process, EVA hardware interfaces, standards, considerations, and guidelines that EVA operations engineer will use when reviewing the DR packages from an EVA operational point of view. By utilizing both the EVA and robotics interfaces standards, design requirements, and these EVA operational guidelines and considerations, the SSFP design can be more cost effective in the long term and also be more compatible and friendly for on-orbit assembly and M and R.

Subject Headings: Space stations | Space exploration | Federal government | Orbits | Automation and robotics | Astronomy | Flight | Reviews

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