The Transverse Vortex in the Wall Regions of the Turbulent Boundary Layers in the Flows with Adverse Pressure Gradient

by Q. X. Lian, Beijing Univ of Aero and Astro, Beijing, China,
T. C. Su, Beijing Univ of Aero and Astro, Beijing, China,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering Mechanics


The vortical structures in the turbulent boundary layers in the flow with adverse pressure gradient were investigated by the hydrogen bubble technique. The vortices were visualized in the plan views and side views, illuminated either by ordinary lamp light or laser sheet, or both. The appearance of the transverse vortices, streamwise vortices (with small inclination to xz plan) and xy-vortices (streamwise with large inclination to xz plan), the rise of fluid in the low-speed streaks, and the evolution of high-speed streaks were observed in various plan views and side views, and visualized by different arrangements of the platinum wire and illuminating light. The relationship between these visualized structures were discussed, and a conceptual model of the vortical structure was suggested.

Subject Headings: Boundary layers | Vortices | Pressurized flow | Walls | Mathematical models | Flow visualization | Hydrogen | Structural models

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