SRFR—A Model of Surface Irrigation—Version 20

by Theodor Strelkoff,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Irrigation and Drainage


The computer program, SRFR, comprises a mathematical model of flow in furrows, basins, and borders. It is designed for systematic, repeated application in the solution of design and management problems. It is written in FORTRAN and is primarily geared to micro-computers operating under MS-DOS. A sequence of inflow surges can be accommodated, as can postulated longitudinal and temporal variations in bottom and cross-sectional configuration, roughness, and infiltration parameters. The computations are basically numerical solutions of equations representing conservation of mass and momentum, in one or another degree of approximation, in a series of water-filled cells comprising the stream length, over a sequence of time steps. Empirical infiltration equations, relating cumulative infiltration per unit area of infiltrating surface to wetted time, are coupled to the conservation equations through a variety of assumptions relating wetted perimeter to volume infiltrated per unit length of flow channel. The numerical parameters of the solution have default values supplied by the program, which can be overridden by the user. Features and limitations of the program are documented, and practical aspects of the computations are discussed. The auxiliary preprocessor program, SRFRPREP, and post-simulation graphics program, SRFRPLOT, are introduced.

Subject Headings: Surface irrigation | Computer models | Terrain models | Computer languages | Parameters (statistics) | Channel flow | Computer software | Flow simulation

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