Method for Determining the Fuel Contribution to the Source Term in Trasnport Casks

by Y. R. Rashid, ANATECH Research Corp, United States,
W. H. Lake, ANATECH Research Corp, United States,
T. L. Sanders, ANATECH Research Corp, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: High Level Radioactive Waste Management 1990


A comprehensive source term characterization methodology has been developed for the determination of the fuel contribution to the potentially releasable radioactivity in spent fuel shipping casks. Detailed models and analytical procedures are applied to the many complex aspects of spent fuel in transport. These include characterization of the fuel's irradiation conditions and initial states at the time of shipment, determination of the dynamic forces on the fuel assemblies that result from regulatory transportation accidents, modeling and analysis of the fuel's mechanical response to these forces, and estimation of the releasable radioactivity in the event of cladding breach. The methodology adopts a combined deterministic/probabilistic analysis approach in which each aspect of the problem is appropriately treated on the basis of its level of determinability.

Subject Headings: Fuels | Dynamic structural analysis | Nuclear power | Transportation studies | Structural dynamics | Forensic engineering | Freight transportation | Radiation

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