Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (ACI 530-88/ASCE 5-88) and Specifications for Masonry Structures (ACI 530.1-88/ASCE 6-88) (ACI 530.1-88/ASCE 6-88)

ACI-ASCE Committee 530

ACI and American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-697-3 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-684-9 (ISBN-10), 1989, Soft Cover, Pg. 36
Contains part of ASCE6-88
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Standard No.: ASCE 5-88

Standard No.: ASCE 6-88

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Document Type: Book - Standard


Copublished with the American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures and Specifications for Masonry Structures is a joint effort of the American Concrete Institute and the American Society of Civil Engineers. The code covers the design and construction of masonry structures, and the specifications address the quality, inspection, testing, and placement of the materials. Topics in the code include: embedded items; strength and serviceability; flexural and axial loads; walls; pilasters; and empirical design of masonry. Topics in the specifications include: inspection requirements; determination of compressive strength; construction of masonry; provision and placement of reinforcement and metal accessories; and the provision and placement of grout.

Subject Headings: Masonry | Standards and codes | Concrete structures | Strength of materials | Inspection | Flexural strength | Construction materials


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