Two-Level Optimization of Nonlinear Structures

by Ichiro Kobayashi, Kumamoto Univ, Japan,
Ryoji Miike, Kumamoto Univ, Japan,
Yoshikazu Yamada, Kumamoto Univ, Japan,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Computer Utilization in Structural Engineering


This paper presents several optimization design problems and their applications to both cable structures and geometrically nonlinear braced-rib arches. The sum of squares of residuals caused by approximation of the load-displacement equation is minimized in two of these optimization problems. These problems are applied to the nonlinear analysis of cable structures. Other problem refers to a two-level optimization method. The allowable stress is maximized in the element-level optimization subjected to the quality constraint of constant volume of any member. In the structure-level optimization the total weight of structure is minimized subjected to equality constraints of the load-displacement equation. This problem is applied to the optimization of geometrically nonlinear braced-rib arches. It is shown that the nonlinear load-displacement equation, introduced on the basis of the virtual large displacement theorem, enable the simpler and the more exact solution of cable, even, under an unstable condition.

Subject Headings: Cables | Geometrics | Bracing | Arches | Bridge design | Arch bridges | Suspension bridges | Minimum weight design

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