Atrazine in Subsurface Drain Water in Southern Louisiana

by L. M. Southwick, USDA, United States,
G. H. Willis, USDA, United States,
R. L. Bengtson, USDA, United States,
T. J. Lormand, USDA, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Planning Now for Irrigation and Drainage in the 21st Century


Atrazine was applied preemergent to corn on subsurface drained and undrained plots. Atrazine soil concentration and concentration and loss in drain water were determined for 243 days after application. Regression equations describing disappearance of atrazine in the soil showed no difference between drained and undrained plots and revealed a pseudo first order half-life for the compound of 20-22 days in the 0-2.5-cm layer and 28-33 days in the 2.5-15-cm section. Atrazine concentration in the drain water showed highs of 4.81 ?g/L and 6.38 ?g/L at 44 and 36 days, respectively, after application. Total loss of atrazine by way of drain water amounted to 760 mg/ha, 0.047% of the amount that was applied on the soil surface. Most of this loss occurred between 40 and 80 days after application when 372 mm rainfall occurred.

Subject Headings: Subsurface drainage | Drainage | Water leakage and water loss | Soil water | Soil loss | Soil analysis | Pesticides | Louisiana | United States

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