Hydraulic Performance of Berm Breakwaters

by Ole Juul Jensen, Danish Hydraulic Inst, Denmark,
Torben Sørensen, Danish Hydraulic Inst, Denmark,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Berm Breakwaters: Unconventional Rubble-Mound Breakwaters


In recent years, the concept of unconventional rubble mound breakwaters, i.e berm breakwaters, has gained much attention among researchers and engineers as an economical method to build breakwaters at certain sites. At the Danish Hydraulic Institute, the principle of berm breakwaters was first used in 1978 for the Skopun Breakwater Extension, Faroe Islands. The paper presents the results of four individual berm breakwater projects (at Skopun, Ronne, St. George, and Skalavik) and uses these practical examples for a more general discussion of the features of berm breakwaters and of appropriate parameters for the description of their behavior. It is interesting to note that although the four projects discussed are very different, the comparison of the hydraulic features show great resemblances. Berm breakwaters have attracted the attention of engineers and researchers for almost 10 years, however, the technology for the design of berm breakwaters still requires improvement, and more research is consequently encouraged.

Subject Headings: Hydraulics | Berms | Breakwaters | Economic factors | Parameters (statistics) | Comparative studies | Ports and harbors | Islands

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