Movement of Chloride Ions in a Saturated Soil Sample

by Roger Ruggles, Lafayette Coll, United States,
Rachel Zimmon, Lafayette Coll, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Critical Water Issues and Computer Applications


A series of laboratory experiments were performed to demonstrate and track the migration of chloride ions in saturated soil samples undergoing freezing. Results from these experiments show chloride ion concentration gradients forming during freezing. A migration of the chloride ions away from the freezing front may provide a viable method for the reclamation of contaminated groundwater. This simple purification process forms the basis for experimentation in which the rate and direction of chloride movement is studied in .25M and .75M chloride solution in saturated soil samples. The freezing front within the sample was accurately tracked, as the soil froze from the bottom upward. Freezing point depressions occurred, increasing over time toward the top of the sample due to greater contaminant concentrations. The results obtained using chloride ions as contaminants demonstrate the effects of freezing in groundwater, and these trends may also apply to hazardous and other types of contaminants which make their way into groundwater systems.

Subject Headings: Saturated soils | Frozen soils | Chloride | Soil analysis | Soil pollution | Groundwater | Water resources | Groundwater pollution

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