Arbuckle Mountain Hydro Vertical-Axis Fish Screens

by Ronald F. Ott, Ott Water Engineers Inc, Redding, CA, USA,
James J. Strong, Ott Water Engineers Inc, Redding, CA, USA,
Harvey E. Finch, Ott Water Engineers Inc, Redding, CA, USA,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Water Power '87


Fish screens to exclude small fry and debris at remote sites such as Arbuckle Mountain Hydroelectric Plant post unique design considerations to satisfy criteria established by fisheris agencies. Inasmuch as it is desireable to continuously clean the fish screens, a technique had to be devised whereby the controls operate without electricity which was unavailable at the diversion. The cleaning had to be accomplished during flood as well as low flow conditions while continuously providing 115 cfs to the turbine. A specially designed pneumatically operated programmable controller was developed to automatically clean eight individual vertial-axis cylindrical fish screens by means of an air burst backwash technique. An annular air distribution header mounted outside the flow modulator provides for introduction of air within the cylinder which backflushes the water to remove any debris collected on the exterior walls of the cylinder.

Subject Headings: Mountains | Fish management | Debris | Cylinders | Hydro power | Case studies | Electric power | Floods

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