Steady State Fluid Transport Model for Plants

by F. T. Lindstrom, Oregon State Univ, Corvallis, OR, USA,
L. Boersma, Oregon State Univ, Corvallis, OR, USA,
C. McFarlane, Oregon State Univ, Corvallis, OR, USA,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Steel Structures


Knowledge of water potentials throughout the xylem and phloem elements as well as in individual cells is fundamental for understanding effects of water and temperature stress on transport of water, solutes, carbohydrates and hormones in plants. A steady state transport model has been written, based on the concept of pressure drive flows. Included is an expression for the response of stomatal aperture to water potential. The model consists of a set of equations derived from the Gaussian pill box concept. The set of equations is solved with the classical Newton-Raphson System Solver. Simulations with air temperature, relative humidity and soil water potential as input variables show the effect of water stress on rate of transport of water and photosynthates through xylem and phloem in a conceptualized plant.

Subject Headings: Steady states | Water supply systems | Transport phenomena | Fluid flow | Air temperature | Soil water | Transport rates | Mathematical models

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