Modern Methods for Automatic FE Mesh Generation

by Amresh Jain, Structural Dynamics Research Corp, Milford, OH, USA,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Modern Methods for Automating Finite Element Mesh Generation


An overview of the various Finite Element mesh generation techniques is presented. Since most automatic FE Mesh Generation techniques read in geometry of the object and create meshes on it, an overview of the various methods of representing geometry on computers is presented. A brief description of the TRIQUAMESH technique for generating beam, shell and solid finite elements is given. TRIQUAMESH is a technique for generating finite elements on arbitrarily-shaped curves, areas, and volumes. It has currently been implemented to be used with the I-DEAS Geomod solid modelling program and the I-DEAS Supertab finite element pre/post-processing program. The paper also presents problems connected with creating shell finite elements on solid geometry. Some solutions to these problems (eg. automatic midsurface extraction from a given solid) are presented. The paper concludes with an example of a mesh created by the TRIQUAMESH technique, the time taken by a FE analyst to create the meshes, and the savings in time because of the use of an automatic mesh generation program.

Subject Headings: Solid mechanics | Automation | Geometrics | Three-dimensional models | Computer models | Graphic methods | Mathematical models | Terrain models

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