Dynamic Global Forces on an Offshore Structure from Multi-Year Ice Floe Impacts

by G. Hocking, Applied Mechanics Inc, Lakewood, CO, USA,
J. R. Williams, Applied Mechanics Inc, Lakewood, CO, USA,
G. G. W. Mustoe, Applied Mechanics Inc, Lakewood, CO, USA,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Civil Engineering in the Arctic Offshore


Estimation of global ice forces from ice floe impact against artificial islands and offshore platforms is essential for platform design. The discrete element program, CICE, has been validated for various sea ice structure interaction mechanisms and also against proprietary full-scale dynamic impact data of multi-year floes against Hans Island. The CICE model analyzes the fracturing and interaction of ice floes against a platform. The ice bahavior during large floe dynamic impacts is totally contained in the elastic, brittle region of ice constitutive behavior. The ice failure mechanisms and forces exerted by a large multi-year ice floe impacting an offshore structure are presented. Time histories of forces acting are illustrated along with views of the ice floe fracture process. The influence of the local non-simultaneous fracture of the ice at the ice-structure interface is an important element in quantifying global structure loads.

Subject Headings: Offshore structures | Ice | Ice dynamics | Structural dynamics | Offshore platforms | Ice loads | Discrete element method | Islands

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