Social and Environmental Objectives in Water Resources Planning and Management

Committee on Social and Environmental Objectives of the Water Resources Planning and Management Division of ASCE

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-404-7 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-404-8 (ISBN-10), 1984, Soft Cover, Pg. 49

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Document Type: Book


The nation's goals for water programs and projects must be clearly understood by engineers. This report describes the process of identifying social, economic and environmental objectives and gives examples of water projects where attention (or lack thereof) to goals and objectives had a crucial impact on the outcome of the project. The report also shows how a professional engineering presence can help government consider alternatives and reach policy decisions. Examples of national programs include irrigation, hydropower, and fish and wildlife programs, developing recreation at water projects, and management of coastal zones. Lobbying, participation in government, education and research, and interaction with the public are among the options given for influencing goals and policies in water resources planning and management.

Subject Headings: Water resources | Project management | Public policy | Social factors | Environmental issues | Resource management | Fish management | Water-based recreation


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