Design of Navigational Structures for Ice Forces

by Mauri Maattanen, Univ of Oulu, Dep of Mechanical, Engineering, Oulu, Finland,

Part of: Design for Ice Forces


An overview of ice conditions and the types of ice action that are hazardous to navigational structures is presented. Depending on the circumstances, ice failure against structures occurs by crushing, bending, splitting, or plastic yielding. Methods for predicting ice forces against typical navigational structures are presented. These structures include offshore structures, such as lighthouses and piers, and landfast structures, such as breakwaters, locks, and dams. Both static and dynamic ice forces, particularly dynamic ice-structure interactions involving slender, bottom-founded structures, are described. Design recommendations and ways to avoid or minimize adverse ice effects are presented and discussed.

Subject Headings: Ice | Ice dynamics | Offshore structures | Structural dynamics | Structural design | Navigation (geomatic) | Hydraulic design


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