Design of Ships for Ice Environments

by Goran Liljestrom, Gotaverken Arendal AB, Goteborg, Sweden,

Part of: Design for Ice Forces


A number of feasibility studies have proven the reliability of marine transportation for the Arctic. Current research and development in this field, especially in the USA and Canada, is hopefully going to provide a sound and technically logical, step by step development toward year round Arctic shipping. The basic problem facing any naval architect is designing the most cost-efficient ship which fulfills a number of requirements laid down by the customer. At the same time, the ship must meet all constraints imposed by safety rules, regulations and navigational restrictions. For an arctic ship, these constraints are numerous and also technically quite intricate. The aim of this paper is to draw attention to the fundamental features of icebreaking ships and to describe a general design problem for such ships.

Subject Headings: Ships | Ice | Laws and regulations | Feasibility studies | Building design | Waterways | Transportation studies


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