Design of Prefabricated Offshore Structures for Ice Forces

by Brian J. Watt, Brian Watt Associates Inc, Houston, TX, USA,

Part of: Design for Ice Forces


The design of fixed offshore structures to resist forces from sea ice features is reviewed. The emphasis is on prefabricated structures constructed elsewhere, towed to location and installed, sometimes with the aid of heavy sand ballast. This definition excludes the design problems associated with artificial islands constructed entirely at the offshore location. Methods for predicting global ice loads on towers, wide indenters and cones are considered, together with expected trends in force prediction methodology. The question of developing appropriate local ice pressure criteria is addressed. Key design issues are identified for several structure types including steel and concrete towers, caisson islands and cone structures. Finally, particular design concerns are identified for arctic application of steel and concrete structures.

Subject Headings: Offshore structures | Steel structures | Ice | Concrete structures | Offshore construction | Offsite construction | Steel construction | Caissons


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