Surface Water Impoundments

by H. G. Stefan, Prof. of Civ. Engrg.; St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, Univ. of Minnesota,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-271-5 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-271-1 (ISBN-10), 1981, Soft Cover, Pg. 1724
2 vols.
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Conference information: Symposium on Surface Water Impoundments | Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | June 2-5, 1980

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Document Type: Book - Proceedings


One hundred sixty papers presented at a symposium on surface water impoundments are included, with the aim of providing analysis of existing impoundments and planning new impoundments for the best water resources management. Impounding means to confine and store water in an enclosure. The papers are divided into eight subject areas: 1) Case histories of impoundments and reservoirs, 2) perceptions of impoundment values, 3) legislation and regulations for environmental control, 4) planning and design (emphasis on siting, hydrology, nutrient loading, and modeling), 5) Water impoundment management and operation (including systems analysis and destratification), 6) special purposes including irrigation, cooling ponds, and waste storage and treatment, 7) the physical, chemical and biological processes in reservoirs, and 8) two river impoundments (shallow impoundments on the Mississippi, and deep storage reservoirs on the Colorado). Subject, author, river/reservoir name, and state/county indices are provided. The symposium was sponsored by the University of Minnesota, the ASCE, the American Water Resources Association, and the American Geophysical Union.

Subject Headings: Water storage | Surface water | Water resources | Reservoirs | Waste storage | Water management | Case studies | Water treatment | United States | Mississippi | Colorado


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