Buckling Stress States of Hyperboloidal Shells

by Ihsan Mungan, Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter; Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Institut fur Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau, Bochum, West Germany,

Serial Information: Journal of the Structural Division, 1976, Vol. 102, Issue 10, Pg. 2005-2020

Document Type: Journal Paper


Araldite hyperboloidal shell models with nearly perfect geometry and constant thickness were tested under various axisymmetric combinations of membrane stresses. During the tests the normal forces and bending moments in the middle of the model were measured and the initiation of the buckling process was studied. The experimental results are compared with calculated values using the classical linear buckling theory. The experimental values fitted an empirical law. A new approach, based on the theoretical results and the tests carried out, is proposed to determine the buckling safety of hyperboloidal shells.

Subject Headings: Buckling | Structural models | Geometrics | Thickness | Axisymmetry | Membranes | Moment (mechanics) | Linear functions

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