Elastic Buckling of Arches under Symmetrical Loading

by Walter J. Austin, (F.ASCE), Prof. of Civ. Engrg.; Rice Univ., Houston, Tex.,
Timothy J. Ross, (A.M.ASCE), Struct. Engr.; Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.; formerly, Grad. Fellow, Rice Univ., Houston, Tex,

Serial Information: Journal of the Structural Division, 1976, Vol. 102, Issue 5, Pg. 1085-1095

Document Type: Journal Paper


Critical loads and the corresponding reactions, maximum moments, and crown deflections of two-hinged and fixed, parabolic and circular arches of constant cross section subjected either to a vertical concentrated load at the crown or a vertical load uniformly distributed along the arch axis are tabulated for a wide range of rise/span ratios. It is shown that the critical loads and the corresponding horizontal reactions for antisymmetrical (sidesway) modes are rather insensitive to the prebuckling displacements while the opposite is true for the symmetrical models. The antisymmetrical mode corresponds to a bifurcation type instability while the symmetrical mode corresponds to a snap-through type of buckling. The data are analyzed and simplified methods for estimating the critical loads and the critical horizontal reactions, or both, are suggested for antisymmetrical buckling. In addition to the solutions described previously, accurate values of the critical loads and horizontal reactions are reported for antisymmetrical buckling of two-hinged and fixed, parabolic and catenary arches subjected to loadings which cause pure axial compression and no prebuckling displacements.

Subject Headings: Critical loads | Vertical loads | Horizontal loads | Concentrated loads | Load distribution | Maximum loads | Axial loads | Elastic analysis

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