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BT = Broader term; NT = Narrower term; RT = Related term; SN = Scope note; UF = Use for
Unauthorized term = Term displayed in []'s


            BT: Highways and roads
            UF: [Sidewalks]
            NT: Curtain walls
            NT: Diaphragm walls
            NT: Sea walls
            NT: Shear walls
            NT: Slurry walls
            Use: Storage facilities
            RT: Service life
            BT: United States
[Washington D. C.]
            Use: District of Columbia
Waste digestion
            BT: Biological processes
            RT: Bacteria
Waste disposal
Waste heat
Waste management
            BT: Management
            NT: Agricultural wastes
            NT: Chemical wastes
            NT: Domestic wastes
            NT: Hazardous wastes
            NT: Industrial wastes
            NT: Mine wastes
            NT: Municipal wastes
            NT: Radioactive wastes
            NT: Sewage
            NT: Tailings
            RT: Fouling
            RT: Wastewater management
Waste sites
            RT: Brownfields
            UF: [Superfund sites]
Waste stabilization ponds
            BT: Ponds
Waste storage
            BT: Storage
Waste treatment
            NT: Aerobic treatment
            NT: Anaerobic treatment
            NT: Biological processes
            NT: Chemical treatment
            NT: Heat treatment
            RT: Abatement and removal
            RT: Remediation
            UF: [Vitrification]
Waste treatment plants
            RT: Water treatment plants
[Waste utilization]
            Use: Recycling
Wasteload allocation
Wastewater management
            BT: Water management
            RT: Waste management
            RT: Effluents
            RT: Flocculation
            NT: Acidic water
            NT: Cooling water
            NT: Deep water
            NT: Drinking water
            NT: Fresh water
            NT: Groundwater
            NT: Heated water
            NT: Industrial water
            NT: Irrigation water
            NT: Municipal water
            NT: Ocean water
            NT: Pore water
            NT: Receiving water
            NT: Riparian water
            NT: Salt water
            NT: Sea water
            NT: Shallow water
            NT: Soil water
            NT: Surface water
            NT: Tail water
Water allocation policy
Water balance
Water circulation
Water content
Water demand
Water depth
            BT: Depth
Water discharge
Water distribution systems
            RT: Water pipelines
            UF: [Water mains]
Water flow
            BT: Flow
            NT: Groundwater flow
Water hammer
            UF: [Fluid hammer]
Water impoundments
            RT: Dams
Water intakes
Water levels
            NT: Sea level
Water loss
            NT: Evapotranspiration
            NT: Evaporation
[Water mains]
            Use: Water distribution systems
Water management
            BT: Management
            NT: Groundwater management
            NT: Stormwater management
            NT: Wastewater management
Water meters
Water pipelines
            BT: Pipelines
            RT: Water distribution systems
Water policy
            BT: Policies
Water pollution
            BT: Pollution
            NT: Groundwater pollution
            RT: Eutrophication
            RT: Runoff
            RT: Receiving waters
Water pressure
            BT: Pressure
Water quality
            NT: Groundwater quality
Water reclamation
            BT: Reclamation
            RT: Recycling
            UF: [greywater]
            UF: [graywater]
Water resources
            BT: Natural resources
Water rights
            RT: Riparian rights
Water sampling
            BT: Sampling
Water shortage
Water storage
            BT: Storage
Water supply
            NT: Groundwater supply
Water surface
Water surface profiles
            BT: Profiles
Water table
            UF: [Phreatic surface]
Water tanks
            BT: Tanks
Water temperature
            BT: Temperature effects
Water transfer
Water transportation
            BT: Transportation management
            NT: Ferries
Water treatment
            NT: Backwashing (water treatment)
Water treatment plants
            RT: Waste treatment plants
Water tunnels
            BT: Tunnels
Water use
Water waves
            BT: Waves
Water yield
            BT: Yield
Waterfront structures
            BT: Structures
            RT: Estuaries
            RT: Rivers and streams
Wave action
Wave attenuation
            BT: Attenuation
Wave climates
            BT: Climates
Wave crest
Wave diffraction
            BT: Diffraction
Wave dispersion
            BT: Dispersion
Wave equations
Wave forces
            BT: Force
Wave generation
Wave groups
Wave height
            BT: Height
Wave measurement
            BT: Measurement
Wave overtopping
Wave power
            BT: Energy sources
Wave pressure
            BT: Pressure
Wave propagation
Wave reflection
            BT: Reflection
Wave refraction
            BT: Refraction
Wave runup
            UF: [Swash]
Wave spectra
Wave tanks
            BT: Tanks
Wave velocity
            BT: Velocity
            BT: Length
            NT: Breaking waves
            NT: Edge waves
            NT: Gravity waves
            NT: Internal waves
            NT: Long waves
            NT: Microwaves
            NT: Ocean waves
            NT: Progressive waves
            NT: Random waves
            NT: Rayleigh waves
            NT: Sand waves
            NT: Seismic waves
            NT: Shear waves
            NT: Shock waves
            NT: Solitary waves
            NT: Standing waves
            NT: Stress waves
            NT: Surface waves
            NT: Transverse waves
            NT: Water waves
            NT: Wind waves
            NT: Nuclear weapons
Weather conditions
            RT: Meteorology
            RT: Climates
Weather modification
            RT: Aging (material)
            RT: Deterioration
Webs (structural)
[Weed killers]
            Use: Herbicides
Weighing devices
            RT: Dams
Welded connections
            BT: Connections
            NT: Injection wells
            NT: Recharge wells
West Virginia
            BT: United States
            NT: Marshes
            NT: Swamps
            UF: [Bogs]
Wetting front
            Use: Harbors
            Use: Crops
            NT: Effective width
            RT: Length
            BT: Animals
            NT: Endangered species
Wind direction
Wind forces
            BT: Force
Wind gusts
Wind loads
            BT: Loads
Wind power
            BT: Energy sources
Wind pressure
            BT: Pressure
Wind speed
            BT: Speed
Wind tunnels
            BT: Tunnels
Wind velocity
            BT: Velocity
Wind waves
            BT: Waves
Window glass
            BT: Glass
            BT: Seasonal variations
Wire products
            BT: United States
            RT: Discrimination
            RT: Minority groups
            RT: Workplace diversity
            BT: Construction materials
Wood beams
            BT: Beams
Wood floors
            BT: Floors
Wood piles
            BT: Piles
            UF: [Timber piles]
Wood preservatives
            RT: Coating
Wood structures
            BT: Structures
            RT: Timber construction
Wooden bridges
            BT: Bridges
Working conditions
            RT: Employment
Workplace diversity
            RT: Discrimination
            RT: Minority groups
            RT: Women
            RT: Communication
            BT: United States

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