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2015  GIS and Artificial Neural Network-Based Water Quality Model for a Stream Network in the Upper Green River Basin, Kentucky, USA

2014  Effect of a Passive Mixing Device on the Electrical Conductivity and pH Values of a Nutrient Solution

2014  Removal of Oil and Cr(VI) from Wastewater Using Modified Pectin Flocculants

2013  Application of a Thermally Modified Agrowaste Material for an Economically Viable Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions

2013  Cyclic Shear Strength of Soil with Different Pore Fluids

2013  Effect of pH and Ionic Strength on the Removal of Fluoride from Water Using Titanium Dioxide

2013  Leaching of As, Cr, and Cu from High-Carbon Fly Ash-Soil Mixtures

2013  Observation of the pH-Induced Hormesis for the LDH Cytotoxicity Test of MSWI Baghouse Ash Extract

2012  Adsorption of Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide on Activated Carbon

2012  Behavior of Superabsorbent Polymers in Calcium- and Sodium-Rich Solutions

2012  Immobilization of Sb(III) and Sb(V) Using Steel Slag Fines

2012  Mineral Waste Geopolymeric Artificial Aggregates as Alternative Materials for Wastewater-Treatment Processes: Study of Structural Stability and pH Variation in Water

2012  Multivariate-Parameter Optimization for Photodegradation of Tetracycline by Fe(III)-Citrate Complexes at Near-Neutral pH

2012  pH-Dependent Leaching of Trace Elements from Recycled Concrete Aggregate

2012  Potentiometric Study of the Formation of Magnesium Potassium Phosphate Hexahydrate

2012  Treatment of 2,6-Dimethylaniline by Electrochemical-Assisted Fenton-Like Process

2011  Assessment of Low pH Coagulation Performance Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy

2011  Bromate Formation by Ozone-VUV in Comparison with Ozone and Ozone-UV: Effects of pH, Ozone Dose, and VUV Power

2011  Development of an Apparatus for pH-Isolated Electrokinetic In Situ Chemical Oxidation

2011  Enhancement of the Shear Strength of Wastewater Residuals Using Industrial Waste By-Products

2011  Fuzzy Rule-Based Models to Predict the Partition Coefficients of Nickel and Zinc in Aquifer Materials

2011  Preliminary Development and Evaluation of Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensors

2010  Luminol-Based Enhanced Chemiluminescence Assay for Quantification of Peroxidase and Hydrogen Peroxide in Aqueous Solutions: Effect of Reagent pH and Ionic Strength

2010  pH Changes in Solidified Dredged Materials

2010  Photoreduction of Reactive Brilliant Red X-3B by Ultraviolet Irradiation/Potassium Borohydride/Sodium Bisulfite

2010  Removal of Trichlorobenzene from Flue Gas Using Complex Absorbent

2010  Volumetric Filtration of Rainfall Runoff. II: Event-Based and Interevent Nutrient Fate

2009  Carbonation and pH in Mortars Manufactured with Supplementary Cementitious Materials

2009  Corrosion of Glasses and Expansion Mechanism of Concrete Containing Waste Glasses as Aggregates

2009  Degradation and Mineralization of Simazine in Aqueous Solution by Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide Advanced Oxidation

2009  Dissolved Oxygen and pH Modeling of a Periphyton Dominated, Nutrient Enriched River

2009  Influence of Selected Operating Parameters on Fungal Biomass Production in Corn-Ethanol Wastewater

2009  pH Variation and Its Effect on Metal Concentration during Electrokinetics

2009  Probing pH Levels in Civil Engineering Materials

2008  Effects of Lime Amendment on the pH of Engineered Soil Mix for the Purposes of Bioretention

2008  Electrokinetic Remediation Modeling Incorporating Geochemical Effects

2008  Evaluation of Influent Medium Composition and Concentration in a Batch Reactor for Effective Startup of UASB Reactors

2008  Field-Scale Evaluation of In-Situ and Ex-Situ Treatment Technologies for Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR)

2008  Impact of Initial pH and Linoleic Acid (C18:2) on Hydrogen Production by a Mesophilic Anaerobic Mixed Culture

2008  Methods for Quantifying Lime Incorporation into Dewatered Sludge. I: Bench-Scale Evaluation

2008  pH and Acid Anion Time Trends in Different Elevation Ranges in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2008  Pretreatment by Fenton Oxidation of an Amoxillin Wastewater

2008  Study on Evaluation of On-Line Free Chlorine Sensors in Water Supply Facilities

2008  WinHSPF Model Simulations of Nitrogen and pH for a Low-Alkalinity Stream Impacted from Atmospheric Acid Deposition

2007  New Test Method to Obtain pH Profiles due to Carbonation of Concretes Containing Supplementary Cementitious Materials

2007  Photochemical Degradation of 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol in the Presence of a Nonionic Surfactant: pH Control on Reaction Kinetics

2006  Concentration — Duration — Frequency Curves for pH in a Stream in the Great Smoky Mountains

2005  Comparison of Lime and Caustic Addition for pH Control and Microbial Communities on Activated Sludge Settleability and Plant Performance — Implications for the Field

2005  Effects of Selected Good’s pH Buffers on Nitrate Reduction by Iron Powder

2005  Engineered Struvite Precipitation: Impacts of Component-Ion Molar Ratios and pH

2005  Influence of Sediment Structure on Erosional Strength and Density of Kaolinite Sediment Beds

2005  Stability of Silicate Coatings on Pyrite Surfaces in a Low pH Environment

2005  Storm Event Monitoring in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2005  Treatment and Distribution System Effects on Chloramine Decay, pH, Nitrification, and Disinfection By-Products: Case Study

2004  Influence of Solution pH and Ionic Strength on Chromate Uptake by Surfactant-Modified Zeolite

2004  Mining of Existing Data for Cement-Solidified Wastes using Neural Networks

2002  Mathematical Modeling of Encapsulated Buffer Performance in Sand Columns

2002  Use of Microwaves for Damage Detection of Fiber Reinforced Polymer-Wrapped Concrete Structures

2001  Empirical Partitioning Leach Model for Solidified/Stabilized Wastes

2001  Environmental Factors Affecting Selenite Reduction by a Mixed Culture

2001  A Methodology for pH TMDLs: Application to Kentucky Watersheds

2001  Relationship between Redox Potential and pH on RDX Transformation in Soil-Water Slurries

2001  Two-Phase, Two-Stage, and Single-Stage Anaerobic Process Comparison

2000  As(III), As(V), Hg, and Pb Removal by Fe-Oxide Impregnated Activated Carbon

2000  Effect of pH and VFA Concentrations on Anaerobic Hydrolysis of Organic Solid Waste

2000  Factorial Study of Metal Effects on Acid Neutralization by Cement

2000  Field-Scale Observations of Arsenic and Boron in Soil Irrigated with Drainwater

1999  Battling Concrete Corrosion

1999  Effects of Electroosmosis on Natural Soil: Field Test

1999  Microfiltration (MF) Ultrafiltration (UF) Performance with and without Coagulation

1999  Pressure Cell for Measuring Capillary Pressure Relationships of Contaminated Sands

1998  Chemical Reactions and Gas Transfer in Natural Waters

1998  Evaluating a Proposed Right-of-Way for PCCP

1998  Measurement of pH and Redox Potential Distributions in Soil Samples for Remediation of TNT Using Microelectrode Techniques

1997  Acid Buffering a High pH Soil for Zinc Diffusion

1997  Effect of Redox Potential and pH on TNT Transformation in Soil-Water Slurries

1997  Nanofiltration of Natural Organic Matter: pH and Ionic Strength Effects

1997  New Sensor Based on pH Effect of Denitrification Process

1996  Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of Natural Organics and Pesticides from Drinking Water

1996  EDTA-Enhanced Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead

1996  Long-Term Leaching of Metals from Concrete Products

1996  The Nature of Passivity of Reinforcing Steel

1996  Use of NaOH to Control pH for Solubilization of Waste Activated Sludge

1995  Geo-Environmental Testing Using the Envirocone®

1995  Operational Strategy for Metal Bioleaching Based on pH Measurements

1995  Use of pH as Control Parameter for Aerobic/Anoxic Sludge Digestion

1995  Using pH Adjustment to Control Iron Concentrations in the Recovered Water from Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells

1994  Analysis of Biomass Distribution and Chemical Interactions in Nitrifying Biofilms

1994  Controlling Lead and Copper Corrosion and Sequestering of Iron and Manganese

1994  Effect of Alkalinity on Copper Corrosion

1994  Effects of Molecular Oxygen and pH on the Adsorption of Aniline to Activated Carbon

1994  Effects of Temperature and pH on Residual Aluminum in Alkaline-Treated Waters

1994  Evaluation of Enhanced Coagulation for DBP Control

1994  The Present State-of-the-Art of Immobilization of Hazardous Heavy Metals in Cement-Based Materials

1994  Removal of Formate from Wastewater by Anaerobic Process

1993  Acid-Base Characteristics of Powdered-Activated-Carbon Surfaces

1993  Acidity and Chemistry of Arizona’s Snowpacks

1993  Effect of pH on Leaf Decomposition in Low Alkalinity Lakes

1993  How is the Water Quality Affected by Droughts?

1993  Modeling Substrate Transport into Biofilms: Role of Multiple Ions and pH Effects